Global All-Stars 2021

Inspiration, insights and ideas from around the world

Keynote session

Now in its tenth year at Destinations International’s Annual Convention, Global All-Stars continues to serve as a platform for showcasing insights, ideas and inspiration from around the world. Facilitated by Miles Partnership, this year’s session featured five leading destinations from around the world, sharing ideas, insights and innovations for a post-COVID world. Visit Singapore led the world in their health and safety response to COVID-19 and in mapping an exciting hybrid future for events and conferences. Visit Iceland has been a pioneer in the reopening of international tourism after COVID-19 and a long time innovator in both destination marketing and management. And the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, ranked as the world’s most sustainable destination, has led the world in what ‘building back better’ means in practice. Leaders from the U.S. discussed how to turn local and global lessons into action, and how destinations must embrace and thrive in the face of disruption.

Check out this year’s recordings and additional resources are below.


Full mainstage session recording

Individual presentation recordings

Navigating Out of a World Pandemic

Lessons from the World’s Most Sustainable Destination

Innovations from Asia’s Green City

On Stage Panel

Jay Burress | President & CEO, Visit Anaheim

Additional Resources from Miles


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Global All-Stars Breakout Session: Authentic Storytelling – How to Create and Distribute Compelling Series and Films

True storytelling, Hollywood style. Learn from the groundbreakers in tourism who are bringing true entertainment-first TV and film projects onto streaming platforms like Roku, Amazon Prime Video and Plex to inspire travel. In this session, hear about the metrics that matter to measure success, how to assign ROI and value to branded entertainment, how to work with streaming partners and how to cooperatively fund projects with partners and consumer brands.

Past Global All-Stars Sessions

Global All-Stars 2020

In its ninth year at Destinations International’s Annual Convention, Global All-Stars 2020 boldly reimagined tourism and DMOs in a world recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. Two leading state tourism directors, Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon, and Rita McClenny, President & CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation, collaborate to identify the five ways tourism will be changed forever. Signe Jungersted, CEO and Founding Partner of Group NAO, summarized three key ways DMOs must adapt to survive and thrive in a world post COVID-19 vaccine.


Global All-Stars 2019

In its eighth year at Destinations International’s Annual Convention, Global All-Stars brought together speakers from Condé Nast Traveler, Wonderful Copenhagen and Vibram to discuss the topical theme of trust, focusing on “Trust in the Future, Trust in Place and Trust in Brand”. In case you missed the presentation in St. Louis, or want to watch it again, check out the resources here. 

Global All-Stars 2018

In this exciting session, we experienced a global storytelling journey with Airbnb, learning about the elements that drive their most compelling and buzzworthy content; heard from a world leading urban architect on the latest trends in “placemaking,” reimagining downtown and public spaces to benefit visitors, locals and businesses; and saw how Google Street View is bringing more advanced and compelling content to their platform and what this means for destinations.   

Global All-Stars 2017

The 6th annual Global All-Stars session featured three world-leading innovators in travel, technology and marketing; Dylan Thuras of Atlas Obscura, Vanessa Sain-Dieguez of Hilton and Varune Harnarine of Google. The session highlighted how to empower locals and visitors to share the weird, hidden and wonderful gems in every destination, discussed best practices in combining “High Tech & High Touch” in customer service and took a look at the future of the Internet according to Google including the rise of voice, AI and machine learning.

Global All-Stars 2016

Global All-Stars moved to the main stage at DMAI’s 2016 Annual Convention. This session discussed the power of user generated content and social media and the use of new technology, showcased the learnings and successes of new influencer and content programs and took an exciting, fresh look at new developments in the hotel sector, highlighting what they can teach destination marketers in targeting the affluent traveler, nurturing community, connectivity and a sense of place.