Concurrent sessions

Members of the Miles team will be engaging in Concurrent Sessions throughout Destinations International’s Annual Convention. Mark your calendars and join these sessions to learn more.
The Multicultural Multiplier: Cultural Diversity’s Impact on Travel Intent

Wednesday, July 20, 10:45am | Room 718A

Culturally rich experiences are powerful in their ability to both enhance the visitor proposition and provide direct economic support to small, often minority-owned businesses. Gain insights from iolite group’s groundbreaking study on how multicultural marketing impacts travelers and learn about what inspires culturally curious travelers from the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and China.

Speakers: Carroll Rheem, Founder and CEO, iolite group; Melissa Cherry, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Miles Partnership; Skylar Clark, Director of Partner Marketing, Brand USA


The Enhanced Halo Effect
Wednesday, July 20, 11:45am | Room 718A

What does it mean to be seen as a great place to not only visit, but meet, invest, work and work remotely, too? This session looks at destination brands that have an enhanced “halo effect” and will highlight the attributes and marketing channels that connect a place and its brand with visitors, meeting attendees, workers, investors and students.

Speakers: Amir Eylon, President and CEO, Longwoods International; Jordan Kuglitsch, Account Director, Miles Partnership; Chelsea Ruby, Tourism Secretary, West Virginia Dept of Tourism; Dave Santucci, Chief Marketing Officer, Chattanooga Tourism Company

The Destination Organization of the Future
Thursday, July 21, 9:45am | Room 718A

Building on the Global All-Stars keynote, this session examines what it means to be a “Destination Organization of the Future.” What are the practical realities of updating your strategies, skills and resources to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future? The session will combine practical examples of how organizations around the world are adapting with the latest insights from a global research project on community engagement, Time for DMOcracy.

Speakers: Adam Burke, President & CEO, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board; Jos Vranken, Managing Director, Netherlands Bureau of Tourism & Conferences; Trever Cartwright, Partner, Coraggio Group; Signe Jungersted, Founder & CEO, Group NAO; Gracen Chungath, Senior Vice President, Destination Development, Destination Canada

The State of the Global International Traveler
Thursday, July 21, 9:45am | Room 701A

It’s critical to know what’s important to global travelers in the wake of COVID – from the impact of politics to inspiring media. This session will cover the most critical insights from Destination Analysts’ latest “The State of the International Traveler” study that destination marketers need to know to understand, attract and motivate global travelers right now. Industry experts will relay strategies on how to use greater global audience understanding to drive international tourism recovery and share best practices on what they’re doing to attract international visitors now.

Speakers: Myha Gallagher, Vice President, Destination Analysts; Mike Waterman, Chief Sales Officer, Visit Orlando; Daniel Schwartz, Director-Global Tourism Development, San Francisco Travel; Nate Huff, Senior Vice President, Miles Partnership