Global All-stars 2016

Inspiration, insights and ideas from around the world

Mainstage session

Jesse Desjardins | Global Manager, Content & Social, Tourism Australia

Jesse Desjardins discussed the journey to a social media-led marketing approach, outlining four critical best practices of social media-led campaigns and providing a case study of leveraging influencers in their social media campaign with GoPro.

Justin Barnette | Manager, Marketing & Communications, South African Tourism USA

Justin Barnette discussed the marketing campaigns that helped South Africa recover from the Ebola virus scare in 2014 including their learnings and successes from their new influencer and content programs.

Nick Teare | Senior Director, Brand and Field Marketing, The Ritz-Carlton

Nick Teare shared an exciting, fresh look at new developments in lifestyle hotels and what they can teach destination marketers in nurturing community, connectivity and a sense of place.