Global All-stars 2018

Inspiration, insights and ideas from around the world

Destination Storytelling, Placemaking & Street View

At the 2018 Global All-Stars Mainstage Session, we brought together three speakers and three critical trends that are reshaping destinations and travel. In this exciting session, we experienced a global storytelling journey with Airbnb, learning about the elements that drive their most compelling and buzzworthy content; heard from a world leading urban architect on the latest trends in “placemaking,” reimagining downtown and public spaces to benefit visitors, locals and businesses; and saw how Google Street View is bringing more advanced and compelling content to their platform and what this means for destinations. With remarkable insights, inspiration and ideas for your destination, check out the resources from Global All-Stars 2018.   

Cassidy Blackwell | Director of Strategic Projects, Public Affairs, Airbnb

Cassidy took us on a global journey of destination storytelling, showcasing how Airbnb drives healthy tourism, promotes a more open world and builds trust that serves to fulfill the mission that anyone can belong anywhere through content. 

Alan Boniface | Partner, DIALOG

Being at the forefront of placemaking, Alan’s presentation shared insights into how to design and transform extraordinary cities and destinations into something more. He introduced us to factors that create these vibrant communities and how DMOs can play a role in the process. 

Stafford Marquardt | Product Manager, Google Street View

In the mainstage session, Stafford discussed Street View across many destinations. His presentation provided an accurate, rich and immersive look into mapping that everyone can use from community development to tourism and disaster preparedness. 

Global all-stars immersion lab

Immersive Storytelling & Interactive Experiences

At the 2018 Global All-Stars Immersion Lab, we demoed the latest technology integrations with 360 content and rich media through platforms like Google and OmniVirt.  Attendees received a hands-on look at some of the latest innovations in DMO marketing through interactive content and immersive storytelling. Check out our blog post on Immersive Storytelling for more on the experience.