Global All-stars 2019

Inspiration, insights and ideas from around the world

Trust in the Future, Trust in Place & TrUST in brand

At the 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, three exceptional speakers presented at Global All-Stars with a unifying theme of the topic of trust. While trust in many “official” organizations has been questioned in recent years, it remains a critical asset for any DMO. Trust is not simply important in the DMO’s traditional role as the “trusted source” for leisure travelers and the meetings industry but also increasingly as a trusted partner, tourism advocate and manager to the community, for businesses and government. 

Global All-Stars 2019 explored trust in three segments: “Trust in the Future” (Mark Ellwood, Conde Nast Traveler), “Trust in Place” (Signe Jungersted, formerly of Wonderful Copenhagen) and “Trust in Brand” (Allon Cohne, Vibram). Through the three segments, trust emerged as an essential but complex and delicate part of successful organizations, including DMOs.

Mark Ellwood | Contributing Editor, Conde Nast Traveler

Mark highlighted the challenge of remaining relevant and trusted in a world of rapid change. He identified five major shifts that are creating both opportunities and obstacles for DMOs.


Signe Jungersted | Former Director of Development, Wonderful Copenhagen

Signe updated us on the Danish capital’s radical steps to retain and build trust with both the community and visitors, all expressed in their call to action: “The End of Tourism as We Know It.”

Allon Cohne | CMO, Vibram

Allon discussed consumer trust from an industry where trust in brand and trust in the product is not just essential to the sale but can be critical to life and limb.  

Destination Development Breakout Session

At this Annual Convention breakout session, destination and sustainable tourism experts from the around the world shared insights and recommendations on managing growth and building community engagement.  This information-packed workshop provided tips and tools to build community engagement and address concerns such as overcrowding, congestion and sustainability.


  • Signe Jungersted | CEO & Co-Founder, Group NAO, Former Director of Development, Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Kim Farin | Director of Marketing, Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Graham Budd | CEO, Destination Queenstown
  • Mark Ellwood, Contributing Editor, Conde Nast Traveler